CardioVision for Clinicians

CardioVision: A Revolutionary AI Cardiac Imaging Solution

CardioVision by ABE Technology is an advanced AI-powered imaging solution designed to revolutionize cardiac care. By leveraging machine learning and cutting-edge imaging techniques, CardioVision provides highly accurate, efficient, and detailed visualizations of the heart. This innovative technology aids healthcare providers in diagnosing and treating cardiac conditions with greater precision, ultimately improving patient outcomes and making cardiac care more accessible and effective.
Advanced AI Technology
  • Utilizes deep learning algorithms
  • Based on over 20 million recordings
  • Enhanced specificity with comparable sensitivity to traditional methods
Cloud-Based Solution
  • No need for local software installation
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Secure data sharing with referrals
Vendor-Neutral Platform
  • Compatible with multiple device manufacturers
  • Supports various recording modalities

Reliable Performance

Expert-Level Accuracy

Peer-reviewed clinical studies demonstrate that our AI algorithms reduce false positive AFib episodes by a factor of 10 compared to traditional ECG analysis, while maintaining similar sensitivity.

Efficient Analysis

Our platform automates most of the work, allowing you to concentrate on significant episodes. It extends monitoring duration and reduces patient wait times.

Analyze Holters from any location, between consultations or surgeries. Our system also supports the integration of new devices, such as patches, without requiring additional software.

Streamline arrhythmia diagnosis in 3 steps

1 Upload the signal
2 Analyze the ECG guided by AI
3 Generate the report